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  • Perotá Chingó presents Eksperimenta III

Eksperimenta III - Muta Viva: expanded show + action

*With your ticket and donation, together we will be contributing to the reforestation and regeneration of native ecosystems.

In a unique scenario of isolation and a planetary pandemic, Perotá Chingó presents Eksperimenta III, an artistic creation that battles against the limits of a mere concert, the same way nature resists against the attack of humanity. Eksperimenta is a show, and also a film, a performance work; it is a story and its narrative, and it is an invitation to experience and create a sensorial environment.

The songs dialogue with an ecosystem in which characters, guest artists, stories and images converge and inhabit the daily space of the group: la Casa Perotá. Simultaneously, the spectators create a ritual of elements and symbolisms, of pleasures and life surrounding them, in order to assist a ceremony that intends to interpellate, touch and comfort you.

This work is a great event for the band in 2020. Eksperimenta was conceived in 2019, converting MUTA (their last album) into a series of performance shows and a variety of expressions that took place in the Art Media Complex of Buenos Aires in June and August of that year. The series was thought in four events that, like the album, synthesise and establish some sort of taxonomy of life. Four great stages of human evolution: childhood, youth, maturity and death. The third of these events is Eksperimenta III, which finds us in a world jeopardised by our way of being in it. Acknowledging our immaturity, irresponsibility and madness, opens the gate to step to the action, and regenerate our existential scent between us and the environment.

The artistic act must be an action to change the world we want to live in. For this reason, and perhaps now more than ever, part of the revenue from sales will be donated to the AMARTYA Civil Association to promote regeneration through the reforestation of native trees in different regions of our country and surroundings. We believe that it is a transparent and honest, direct and committed way of contributing to a necessary awareness to face the environmental responsibilities that we have as a society today.

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